Jeff & Jen - Outdoor newborn with a twist

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hi Everyone! So this is my very first blog post ever and I'm super excited to share my experience with this beautifiul family! I was so excited to hear that they wanted to book me as their photographer for their son's newborn portraits and I loved getting to know each and every member of the family!

A few fun facts that I learned was that Jen is a strong proponent of healthy and non toxic cleaning products and is an avid protector of wildlife! She specifically has a love for bats and I loved that we were able to incorporate that into our session! Look at the little bat on the bed and on his back! Absolutely precious and I was thrilled to incorporate it as her two daughters had their newborn portraits taken with a bat as well so they each have that incorporated in their portraits for their memories!

Because I am a strong supporter of small businesses, being one myself, I was curious about the cleaning products she uses as I am always looking for new and safe ways to wash backdrops, wraps, outfits and props for my sessions! She was kind enough to provide me with a sample so I could prewash everything for her session allowing me to try the product. I have to say I was not disappointed! Pure Haven is a fresh, safe, and toxin-free product that really does work well! I used the product to sanitize and clean my wraps and blankets before our session. I hand wash my wraps so it was incredible to see the difference and how clean it felt afterwards! Contact Jen Pacelli for more information on this product and you will not be disappointed!

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